TeaTom - woodcarver carving wooden tea trays and wooden ware for relaxing rituals. Relaxation in nature. unique kitchenware

My brand – TeaTom – is about pure traditional craftsmanship which is in harmony with the peace and love of nature. The secret to my woodwork is a deep patience that harks back to the time of our ancestors, who worked in line with nature’s rhythms.  I do not use the noisy electrical devices of today. Rather, I prefer to return to an era when the beat of chisels and axes perfectly coincided with the outside world. I listen to sounds from nearby gardens and forests, which then greatly influence my work.

TeaTom aims to bring the beauty of nature and the tranquillity of handwork to your homes and lives. I create carved tea trays and accessories for moments of relaxation that, thanks to their Japanese inspired aesthetics, will become your small garden. A garden where you can enjoy your favourite moment of relaxation with a cup of tea, coffee, a good cigar or whiskey. The pure beauty and energy of local wood, which has been transformed by traditional techniques into unique wooden products, will enhance your enjoyment and create a serene atmosphere for every occasion.