I like to work and stay outdoors as much as possible and I like to feel comfortable when the cold days and nights come. Merino wool became my choice for underwear and t-shirts already some years ago.
However last winter I received a hand-knitted woollen sweater from my girlfriends‘ mother and I absolutely fell in love with it. Not only because it is a functional and natural material which keeps you warm even in very cold days and breathes perfectly, but because the sweater was done by hands of someone who keeps the disappearing tradition and craft and put love in it.
Therefore I and my girlfriend decided to initiate a small-scale production of these woollen sweaters in cooperation with our grandmother’s community from Romania (home of my girlfriend) and hopefully attract also a younger generation to join the club. I know, it will take some time but its worth to try. 🙂 Once you put our sweater on in cold days you will realize why wool is a choice number one for centuries.


We want you to experience the authentic version of the sweaters how they are done for years in Romanian mountains. The same sweaters which keep the local shepherds, foresters and folks warm, safe and comfortable in cold days.

Our sweaters are done from the fleece of the Tsigai sheep, which is a common rustic breed in Romania. The fibre is classified as a semi-fine uniform. It is not the superfine merino, however, the wool is very durable, elastic and with low feltability. The yarn was minimally processed in the local mill, using eco-friendly practices and no harsh chemicals. Therefore the wool retains a good amount of lanolin, which is a protective layer of wax that helps sheep to shed water from their coats. The wool is natural un-dyed in a grey shade that is created by mixing white and black fleece.

With our sweaters you will feel close to nature, you will travel back in time, you will go back to basics. Each sweater is original and has its own personality given by variations of traditional patterns. You will enjoy the rustic, rough feel, comfort and pleasant smell of the wool every time you put it over your favourite shirt. Each sweater has my handmade wooden mark which gives a nice modern look to the traditional piece of garment.

Great for your outdoor adventures, walks in the forest or daily use in the urban jungle.


On the pictures below you can see the first 4 models done by our grandmother Maria. The knitting season will start with first chilly days of this autumn so we can expect few new models soon. 🙂