Hand tool woodworker and woollen sweater ambassador – This is me – Tea Tom one-man brand.

Handmade wooden products by me and hand-knitted woollen sweaters by our beloved grandmothers from Transylvania. Done with care and love for the craft. Run by great passion.

Why Tea Tom?

To keep it simple, my name is Tom and I love Tea. To tell you the whole story… in summer 2017 I rebuilt my mountain bike, packed few essentials for wild camping – including Tea and one cup, and I set off a 1400 km long journey from the Czech Republic to Italy where I was visiting my friends. In order to be able to share with you the moments, beautiful scenery and views from behind of my cup of tea I created my first Instagram account called Tea Tom Biking. My lonely trip was an amazing experience, it was a joy, adventure and very simple lifestyle on the trail.  After coming back I started to create first wooden products too – all of them I used to call Tea Tom products and my friends started to call me the same – Tea Tom.  It sounded catchy to me, therefore I decided to keep this name for my emergent one-man brand.